March 25 Special Church Council Meeting Quick Notes

March 26th, 2020

Please note: more information will be coming out in the Spire which will be mailed out either Friday or Monday.

Quick Notes on Tonight’s Meeting:

(1) Virtual worship is going to be extended through the month of April. This means all activities for the month of April will also be canceled or postponed.

(2) To keep in line with the “Stay at Home” ordinance by our governor, the church will be locked 24/7 until April 8th. Only myself and Gordon Rehn, out treasurer, will be allowed in the building during this time.

(3) Please continue to support and pray for our church council. This decision was not easy for us and it was made with a heavy heart.

(4) If the curve of infection gets busted well enough that worship is okay to have prior to the end of April we will make sure to have it. The council thought it would be better to add a worship service than to cancel it.

Please pass this on to our brothers and sisters in Christ who do not have internet. Again, more details will be mailed out in the Spire soon.


Liturgy for Worship – January 2020

December 24th, 2019

Augustana Lutheran Church is trying out a new liturgy for worship during January, 2020. This liturgy was written by Pastor Reed Pedersen and will be accompanied with guitar by Nick Swanson. Below is the “Kyrie”, “This is the Feast”, “Gospel Acclamation”, “Holy, Holy, Holy”, and “Benediction”. To help with worship participation, it would be great if you could listen to these before worship. Enjoy!


Temple Talks from 2019 Stewardship Drive – “Thanksgiving is Thanks-Living!”

November 6th, 2019

Augustana Lutheran Church’s stewardship drive is taking place for the month of November. We begin every service with a temple talk. This is an opportunity for someone to witness to their faith in front of the congregation. Our four volunteers were Gordon Rehn, Nicholas Swanson, Sally Rehn, and Ruth Swanson.


Lutheran Men In Mission November 9th Event

October 26th, 2019

Dave Newman of Zion Lutheran Church in San Antonio, Texas recently invited Augustana to an online “Bold Gathering” event on November 9, 2019 sponsored by Zion Lutheran. The following describes the event  from the Lutheran Men in Mission publication “foundations”.  Reservations and instructions for the event can be found at 

In the same “foundations” publication is a story on the hurricane relief efforts of the Lutheran Men in Mission. The photo shows a team primarily from Zion Lutheran. (Dave is the third from the right in the two-toned gray baseball hat.) Click here to see the entire fall edition “foundations”

Samson Performance

March 25th, 2019

Branson Bus Trip – August 5-7, 2019

Augustana Lutheran Church is sponsoring a bus trip to

Branson, MO August 5-7, 2019 to see…

Samson at the Sight & Sound Theatre

Cost: $ 330 single/ $ 490 double. Cost includes…

  • Tickets to matinee performance of Samson on August 6th
  • Backstage tour before performance
  • Transportation by Tri-State Lines throughout trip
  • 2 nights Lodging at Branson Towers Aug. 5th & 6th

Meals “on your own”

$ 100 deposit no later than May 5th; Remainder by June 30th

Checks payable to Augustana Lutheran Church

Additional details pending

Contact Jeanine Lees (309-236-5920), Sally Rehn (309-945-6304) or Nikki Rehn (309-781-0704)

Link to Samson Performance Website


Youth Worship Assistants

December 28th, 2018

Youth Worship Assistants Schedules

Acolyte – SCS Offering – Cherub/Junior Choir – 2019

Note to Acolyte Parents: please have your student at church no later than 15 minutes before the service. If you cannot make your scheduled date, please trade with someone else and notify the church office ASAP of the change either by phone or email. The following is a list of parents/students to contact for trading assignments:

Laura / Katie Angelos 309.235-5910
Jennifer/Kile Johnson 309-428-5433
Kevin/Kile Johnson 309.428-5433
Diane/Emma Poppy 309-794-1691
Laura/Ashley Rickey 309.235-4259
Michele/Logan Selander 309.721-3162


Date Acolyte SCS Offering Cherub/Junior Choir
Jan 6 Katie Angelos Kelsey Poppy  
Jan 13 Kile Johnson Noah Green
Jan 20 Ashley Rickey Kenlee Carlson
Jan 27 Emma Poppy Sarah Poppy
Feb 3 Logan Selander Brynlee Peterson
Feb 10 Katie Angelos Leyton Carlson
Feb 17 Kile Johnson Katie Angelos
Feb 24 Emma Poppy Emmett Green
 Mar 3 Ashley Rickey Sarah Poppy
7:00pm Mar 6 Ash Wed Volunteer? 
Mar 10 Logan Selander Noah Green
Mar 17 Katie Angelos Logan Selander
Mar 24 Kile Johnson Braden Lees
Mar 31 Emma Poppy Kelsey Poppy
Apr 7
Apr 14
7:00pm Apr 18  M.Thurs.    
Apr 19  G. Fri.  
Apr 21  Easter
Apr 28

150 Year Anniversary Service Highlights

November 25th, 2018

Here are two highlights from our 150 year anniversary of worshiping in the the “Cathedral on the Prairie”. The first is a choir singing “Children of the Heavenly Father” in Swedish at the Jenny Lind Chapel. The second highlight is Pastor Reed’s sermon on the same text preached during the dedication service on Nov 15, 1868 by Jonas Swensson.



Affirmation of Baptism October 28, 2018

October 30th, 2018

Here is the affirmation of baptism service held for Joseph Foley, Sophie Selander, and Sydney Poppy. In this rite the three of these confirmands affirmed their faith.

ALC Good Samaritan Fund

September 26th, 2018

ALC Good Samaritan Fund Online Request Form


The purpose of the ALC Good Samaritan Fund is to provide financial assistance to persons who are confronted with short-term emergency situations within a specific local region as defined by highways: US 150, IL 81, IL 82, and IL 17. These boundaries are not rigid and serve as a basic area of focus only.


Any individual or family in the Andover area and nearby communities (as defined above) may receive assistance. This includes retired and disabled community members, spouses, surviving spouses, and their dependent, orphaned, or incapacitated children. Recommendations for assistance will primarily come from local food pantries, village boards, funeral homes, township supervisors, school districts, or any other organization the ALC Endowment Committee invites to participate in the ALC Good Samaritan Fund program. Requests meeting the Assistance Guidelines (see below) will be processed on a first-come, first serve basis as long as monies are available from the fund.

To a lesser extent, emergency aid may be given to stranded motorists passing through Andover at the discretion of Augustana Lutheran Church Staff. The aid in this case will be limited to the distribution of Casey Gift Cards…enough to get the motorist on to their next destination.


Assistance Guidelines

  1. The ALC Good Samaritan Fund provides assistance for short-term, emergency situations. Monthly stipends to assist with living expenses are not available from this Fund.
  2. No assistance with non-medical debt retirement, past due current income tax encumbrance, legal/attorney fees, or fines will be provided through the ALC Good Samaritan Fund.
  3. Distributed funds are considered a one-time gift only to the assisted individual… no ongoing support are to be made nor implied. Additional gifts to individuals will be considered on a case by case basis, but only after a period of at least two years between gifts has elapsed.
  4. The ALC Good Samaritan Fund is intended for those individuals within the geographical area defined above by highways: US 150, IL 81, IL 82, and IL 17. These boundaries are not rigid, but serve as a general guideline for the focus area of support.
  5. Initial implementation of the ALC Good Samaritan Fund begins once the fund reaches a minimum level of $10,000.
  6. Fund distributions will continue until the Fund drops below $2000. At that point, Fund operation will be suspended until the Fund attains the original startup value of $10,000.
  7. Distribution Limits: in order to maximize the number of individuals helped, the anticipated level is $500 – $1000 or less. Needs beyond $1000 will need to be considered on a case by case basis.
  8. Assistance Request Process consists of submitting a three section online form by the organization recommending individuals needing assistance. The three sections are:
    1. Section 1: Contact information of assisted individuals; $ amount requested; and description of the specific need for assistance
    2. Section 2: Contact information of the organization submitting the request
    3. Section 3: Contact information as to where the distribution will be sent. Typically this would be the debtor of the assisted individual
  9. Online Request Form is found at:

The ALC Good Samaritan Fund income sources:

  1. Annual “Community Outreach” distributions from  Augustana Lutheran Church’s (ALC) Endowment Trust
  2. Gifts and bequests from individuals
  3. Contributions from organizations

All assistance payments and emergency grants shall be made only to the extent that monies are available from this fund.

The ALC Good Samaritan Fund is administered by the ALC Endowment Committee and is empowered by the Church Congregational Council. The Endowment Committee reviews requests for assistance and authorizes payments in accordance with the guidelines listed below. The granting assistance in any form is solely at the discretion of the Endowment Committee, and reserves the right to modify these guidelines.


Assistance will be in the form of a lump sum payment directly to the individual’s debtor, in most cases. Records will be maintained to track when, who and the amount of assistance provided. Every effort will be made to distribute assistance funds within one week of a submitted online request form, provided all the Assistance Guidelines are met. Additional time will be needed if exceptions to the guidelines need to be considered. The organization submitting the request will be notified by email as to the disposition of the request.


How Does One Contribute to the Endowment Fund?

September 26th, 2018

How Does One Contribute to the Endowment Fund?

Contributions may be made in cash, real estate, securities, life insurance, trust fund, or bequest.

Contributions to the Augustana Lutheran Church Endowment Fund are tax deductible within provisions of federal tax law.


Cash Contributions


Cash contributions, both large and small, to the Endowment Fund can be given at any time for a variety of reasons.


Charitable Life Insurance


Making the Augustana  Endowment Fund of Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church the beneficiary of a life insurance policy enables you to finance a sizeable gift by the payment of a relatively small annual premium. Both new and existing policies may be used for such gifts. In all cases the Endowment Fund must be named as the irrevocable beneficiary. In that way the annual premiums you pay are tax deductible and the proceeds payable to the Endowment Fund upon your death are exempt from estate and inheritance taxes.


Wills and Bequests


A bequest is a gift made through a will. Those interested should have an attorney draw up a will to assure that property will be distributed in accordance with the donor’s wishes after death. Every person has the privilege of deciding who is to receive his or her estate after death, no matter how small or large the estate.


Every Christian also has a stewardship responsibility of providing for the continuing work of Christ through a portion of assets accumulated through one’s lifetime. These responsibilities may be fulfilled by including a provision for the church in a valid will.


A gift to the Augustana Lutheran Church Endowment Fund made by a will provision could be in the form of cash, securities or real estate and such gifts are free of federal estate taxes and inheritance taxes. Your attorney is best qualified to advise you on these matters.

The following suggestions are offered here for discussion with your attorney.

1. General Bequest: “I give and bequeath to Augustana  Endowment Fund of Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church, Andover, Illinois, the sum of $xxx (and/or the securities or other property described herein, namely, ____________________).”


2. Residuary Bequest: “All the rest, residue and remainder of my estate both real and personal, I give, devise, and bequeath to Augustana Endowment Fund of Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church, Andover, Illinois.”


3. Contingent Bequest: “In the event __(name of person)__ does not survive me, I give, devise, and bequeath such property to Augustana Endowment Fund of Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church, Andover, Illinois.”


These guidelines were borrowed from the Trinity Endowment Fund of Trinity Lutheran Church in Moline, Illinois.