Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Augustana Lutheran Church

Andover, IL

Purpose Statement

As a community of women created in the image of God, called to discipleship in Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves to grow in faith, affirm our gifts, support one another in our callings, engage in ministry and action, and promote healing and wholeness in the church, the society and the world.

 Circle Responsibilities

Hillcrest Bingo

On “Bingo Day” the circle going to Hillcrest is asked to furnish the prizes and to help with Bingo.

On “Bingo Day” the circle going to Hillcrest is asked to furnish the prizes and to help with Bingo.


WELCA Sunday

This service is held in October and lifts up the work of the women in the ELCA.

Sewing Days

Work on these days consists of sorting materials, pressing, cutting, sewing, and tying quilts. All women are welcome for this worthwhile project.


Circles take turns serving the funeral meals. This is a service to the family and is provided at no charge. The meal consists of sandwiches, salads, and beverages. (If the family would like to assist with the meal, their option is to provide dessert.)


Officers and Committees


Secretary:   Sally Rehn

Treasurer:   Chris Isaacson


 Program Committee: Terri Nelson, Nikki Rehn, Deanna Swanson

 Assist with WELCA Sunday

Prayer Chain:  Dorothy Norberg

Contact people for Prayer Chain

Funerals:  Nikki Rehn

Contacts Circles for Funeral lunches


Circle Officers and Meeting Times

Circle of Joy – meets second Tuesday morning at 9:00 AM

Leader:  Dorothy Norberg
Recorder:  Nikki Rehn
Action Committee:  Terri Nelson
Bible Study Leader: Terri Nelson


Circle of Peace – meets second Thursday afternoon at 1:30 PM

Leader:  Nancy Gray
Recorder:  Lois Westerlund
Action Committee:  Ila Wilson


Circle of Faith  – meets every other second Thursday evening at 7:00 PM

Leader:  Sally Rehn
Recorder:  Mindy Poppy
Action Committee:  Sally Reinhart


2017 Calendar of Events

January    No Circle meetings

February   No Circle meetings


     8   Lenten service — Joy Circle

   15   Lenten service — Peace Circle

   21   Mission (Sewing) Day — 9:00 AM

   22   Lenten service — Men’s Bible Study

   29   Lenten service — Faith Circle


     5  Lenten service — Luther League

   18   Mission (Sewing) Day — 9:00 AM


   16   Mission (Sewing) Day — 9:00 AM




  13   WELCA Board Meeting (during coffee hour)


       Hillcrest Bingo (Peace Circle)

  19   Mission (Sewing) Day — 9:00 AM


17   Mission (Sewing) Day — 9:00 AM

22   WELCA Sunday


All Circles elect officers and make up their 2018 schedule


3   Advent Supper    6:00 PM

Faith Circle — food

Joy Circle — decorations

Circle in charge supplies bread.

Each family is to bring their own table service, a meat dish to pass

plus one other dish to pass (ie. vegetable, salad, or dessert.)

Sunday School Program    7:00 PM