10:30 am In Person Worship Reconvenes January 31st

January 26th, 2021

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

With Region 2 (which includes Henry County) going back to phase 4 with no mitigations we can now reconvene with in person worship in the sanctuary this Sunday, January 31 @10:30am. This also means communion worship starts again!
A livestream of worship will still provided for those that cannot make it to worship in the sanctuary.
Same regulations as before:
-Phase 4 allows for 50 people in the same place. If there are a more than 50 people we can use Luther Hall to spread people out.
-Masks are required (even if you have received the COVID-19 vaccine)
-Social distancing is required between families and friends that do not already share space with one another.
-Communion will be done at the pew.
-There will be no singing. Instead, there will be recordings of hymns and special music for people to listen to.
-Public Recitation will be limited.
I look forward to worshiping with all of you in whatever form you choose this Sunday!

In humble service,

Pastor Reed Lee Pedersen