Worship Assignments

Thank you for answering God’s call to serve our congregation.

Below is the schedule for 2019. Assignments for Monthly Assignments & Offering Counters are listed in a separate tables following Worship Assignments. If you cannot serve on the date assigned, please find replacements and notify the church office by phone (309-521-8127) or this email link.

Notes: Unless otherwise noted…

  • All worship services are at Augustana Lutheran Church except where noted: JL = Jenny Lind Chapel
  • From January – May 19th & Sept. 15th – December, Worship times are 10:30am
  • From May 26th – September 8th, Worship times are 9:00am
Communion Communion
Date Greeters Lector Setup Assistant Acolytes
January 2020
5 Sally Reinhart Gordon Rehn Nikki Rehn Emma Poppy
12 Laura & Ashley Rickey Doug Nelson Wally Ladewig Ashley Rickey
19 Kevin Johnson Family Kevin Johnson Gordon Rehn Logan Salander
26 Steve & Nancy Gray Laura Angelos Mindy Poppy Katie Angelos
2 Doug Nelson Nancy Gray Kathy Atwell Laura Angelos Ashley Rickey
9 Mary Bizarri Rachel Swanson Wally & Diane Ladewig Megan Pedersen Logan Selander
16 Wally & Diane Ladewig Kevin Johnson Steve & Nancy Gray Doug Nelson Katie Angelos
23 Ruth Swanson Rocky Atwell Laura Ricky N. Rehn/N. Gray Emma Poppy
26 Ash Wed Kathy Atwell Volunteer?
1 Kevin Johnson Family Jenna Zurcher Lori Foley L. Angelos/N. Gray Ashley Rickey
8 Doug Nelson Bev Josephson Kathy Atwell R. Atwell/J. Lees Logan Selander
15 Jeanine Lees Kathy Atwell Wally & Diane Ladewig M. Poppy/G. Rehn Katie Angelos
22 Dave & Jeanine Westerlund Dave Westerlund Ken & Diane Poppy B. Bandelow/K. Atwell Emma Poppy
29 Steve & Nancy Gray Kevin Johnson Steve & Nancy Gray K. Johnson/L. Papoccia Ashley Rickey

Monthly Assignments


Month Altar Guild Homebound Communion Ushers
January Sally Reinhart, Jan Gritton Nancy Gray Rocky & Kathy Atwell, Kevin Johnson Family
February Mindy Poppy, Laura Rickey Nancy Gray Steve & Nancy Gray, Gordon & Nikki Rehn
March Sally Rehn, Kathy Atwell Nancy Gray Ken & Diane Poppy,B. Bandelow/L. Angelos

Offering Counters – Council Members

January 2020
5 Bonnie Bandelow Linda Papoccia
12 Mindy Poppy Emily Maertens
19 Mindy Poppy Jeanine Lees
26 Jeanine Westerlund Emily Maertens
2 Linda Papoccia Nick Swanson
9 Bonnie Bandelow Emily Maertens
16 Linda Papoccia Bryan Johnson
23 Jeanine Lees Emily Maertens
1 Mindy Poppy Jeanine Westerlund
8 Bonnie Bandelow Linda Papoccia
15 Michael Carlson Jeanine Westerlund
22 Jeanine Lees Bonnie Bandelow
29 Michael Carlson Linda Papoccia