Worship Assignments

Thank you for answering God’s call to serve our congregation.

Below is the schedule for 2019. Assignments for Monthly Assignments & Offering Counters are listed in a separate tables following Worship Assignments. If you cannot serve on the date assigned, please find replacements and notify the church office by phone (309-521-8127) or this email link.

Notes: Unless otherwise noted…

  • All worship services are at Augustana Lutheran Church except where noted: JL = Jenny Lind Chapel
  • From January – May 19th & Sept. 15th – December, Worship times are 10:30am
  • From May 26th – September 8th, Worship times are 9:00am
Communion Communion
Date Greeters Lector Setup Assistant Acolytes
3 Wally & Diane Ladewig Connie Dismer Laura Rickey Kevin Johnson L. Selander
10 Ron & Eilene Peterson Nancy Gray Wally/Diane Ladewig Gordon Rehn Katie Angelos
17 Laura & Ashley Rickey Bonnie Bandelow Lori Foley Bonnie Bandelow Emma Poppy
24 Dick & Sally Rehn Nikki Rehn Ken & Diane Poppy Doug Nelson Ashley Rickey
1 Jan Gritton Rachel Curry Steve/Nancy Gray Wayne French Katie Angelos
Michael Carlson Dave Westerlund Lori Foley Ken Poppy Ashley Rickey
15 Steven and Nancy Gray Sally Reinhart Wally/Diane Ladewig Nikki Rehn Emma Poppy
22 Wally and Diane Ladewig Nathan Swanson Ken and Diane Poppy Nathan Swanson L. Selander
24 (4pm) John Zurcher Family Bev Josephson Kathy Atwell John Zurcher Volunteer?
JL 24 (11pm) Rehder Family Paul Rehder Kathy Atwell Rehder Family
25 (7am) Rocky and Kathy Atwell Kathy Atwell Kathy Atwell Kathy Atwell
29 Rocky and Kathy Atwell Rocky Atwell No set up needed No Communion Katie Angelos
January 2020
5 Sally Reinhart Gordon Rehn Nikki Rehn Emma Poppy
12 Laura & Ashley Rickey Doug Nelson Wally Ladewig Ashley Rickey
19 Kevin Johnson Family Kevin Johnson Gordon Rehn Logan Salander
26 Steve & Nancy Gray Laura Angelos Mindy Poppy Katie Angelos

Monthly Assignments

Month Altar Guild Homebound Communion Ushers
October Jan Gritton, Mindy Poppy Ron/Eilene Peterson Kevin Johnson, Emily Maertens, Wally/Diane Ladewig
November Connie Dismer, Diane Poppy Bonnie Bandelow Don & Dorothy Norberg, Ken & Diane Poppy
December S. Reinhart, S. Rehn, L. Rickey Doug Nelson Laura Angelos, Steven & Nancy Gray, Jan Gritton
January Sally Reinhart, Jan Gritton Nancy Gray Rocky & Kathy Atwell, Kevin Johnson Family

Offering Counters – Council Members

3 Bryan Johnson Mindy Poppy
10 Bonnie Bandelow Emily Maertens
17 Linda Papoccia Mindy Poppy
24 Rocky Atwell Ed Williams
1 Jeanine Lees Jeanine Westerlund
8 Bonnie Bandelow Emily Maertens
15 Jeanine Westerlund Nick Swanson
22 Rocky Atwell Nick Swanson
29 Emily Maertens Linda Papoccia
January 2020
5 Bonnie Bandelow Linda Papoccia
12 Mindy Poppy Emily Maertens
19 Mindy Poppy Jeanine Lees
26 Jeanine Westerlund Emily Maertens
2 Linda Papoccia Nick Swanson
9 Bonnie Bandelow Emily Maertens
16 Linda Papoccia Bryan Johnson
23 Jeanine Lees Emily Maertens